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Our Rooms

There are many community organisations that provide services to homeless and socially marginalised people. However, most of them help people throughout the week, during normal business hours. Very few organisations are open out of hours or on the weekend. Yet people have the same needs at these times as during the rest of the week. This is exactly what our Friday and Saturday Kitchens aim to do.

Social isolation of homeless and disadvantaged people and stigma about the poor are frequent. This is why Many Rooms is different from a soup kitchen – volunteers and staff get to know participants, creating a sense of community and a supportive, safe environment.

Advocacy for the marginalised is needed. An important role for Many Rooms is to help the poor, educate, engage and lead people in action to redress injustice, and show how people can make a difference, in partnership with the wider community.

On social media and through our website, Many Rooms, hopes to provide an important voice and a communication channel to draw awareness to the organisation and its mission.

Many Rooms provides:

  • practical relief through provision of meals and through our care pack initiative.
  • best practice volunteer training.
  • safe and friendly places of encounter between those who are doing it tough and those who want to make a difference.

Future Rooms

Many Rooms is always looking at ways to expand our services, to establish new rooms and initiatives, in order to deepen our support and engagement of local communities in need.

We are currently working on new opportunities through City on a Hill in both Geelong and Brisbane.

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