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A room of people eating meals

Saturday Kitchen

North Melbourne Community Centre, 49 Buncle St, North Melbourne

Saturday from 8.45am to 3pm (Breakfast and Lunch)

The Kitchen, is a drop-in centre in North Melbourne, operating on Saturdays, serving Breakfast and Lunch. We provide nutritious and healthy meals in a safe environment.

The services provide around 9,000 meals over the course of the year.

‘It’s the only meal I eat from a plate all week’
Participant, Saturday Kitchen

‘…the caring attitude of volunteers particularly the tolerance, acceptance and absence of judgement’
Homeless participant, Saturday Kitchen

Community life 

Men playing pool in a hall

Due to isolation, many of those coming to our services also come for social connection and interaction. While the meals are a focus for community life, special events at Christmas and Easter are celebrated together.

Social activities are also provided, including the occasional day trip, weekly table tennis and pool matches, television, DVDs, internet and board games are available each Saturday.

‘Table tennis, company of friends, I go to few places, this is particularly good. Please continue the program for us’ (Participant Saturday Kitchen)

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