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2 ladies holding giant zucchinis in a kitchen

The Garden

North Melbourne Community Centre, 49 Buncle St, North Melbourne

The Garden, the outdoor room, allows the participants to experience the joy of garden, to foster a sense of community through gardening and to produce a healthy, nutritious crop that will be used with a sense of pride in the meals.

The Garden is a kitchen garden planted by a team of volunteers to help supplement the supply of vegetables and herbs for our meals program. The garden uses two plots in the Community Garden space near the North Melbourne Community Centre, where the Kitchen meets. The gardeners, assisted by participants, plant the plot on a seasonal rotation, responding to the demands of the cooks. For example, this has meant zucchinis and cherry tomatoes over the summer months and lettuces, chard and beans in the winter, with herbs throughout the year. Teams preparing cooked breakfasts during the year use a supply of fresh herbs to add to scrambled eggs, while fresh tomatoes and lettuce contribute to side salads for main meals. Participants help harvest most weeks, at times of seasonal plantings, and assist in clearing old growth and planting new seedlings.

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