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A photo of ladies helping in the Friday Kitchen

About, Vision & Mission

Many Rooms is the mercy ministry of City on a Hill, our practical expression of caring for the disadvantaged and marginalized in our communities.

Many Rooms seeks to create services, programs and activities that effectively respond to the needs of those living in poverty, the homeless and disadvantaged, filling the gaps in the welfare system, in Jesus’ name.
Simple service makes a significant difference.

Our Values:

  • Dignity, Respect and Inclusivity
  • Sustainability
  • The Gospel

Many Rooms aims to:

  • Help those in need in our community
  • Provide opportunities of development for volunteers and participants
  • Advocate for the marginalized

Many Rooms is always looking at ways to expand services to demonstrate God’s love to the homeless and marginalised in our community. While acting locally, we see great opportunities to expand our reach and care for more in our communities by growing nationally. Our vision is to grow and locate services in areas where City on a Hill churches are located, meeting specific needs of each community.

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