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Care pack Update

This year, we have been partnering with various organisations to distribute care packs our supporters have generously donated. In the past few months, we have partnered with:

As a result, we’ve recently been able to distribute over 130 care packs!

“Everyone that I have given a care package to has been incredibly grateful and thankful; it really does help them and also gives a little bit of luxury that they cannot normally afford. Sometimes I think they are surprised or shocked that someone could be so kind. Thank you so much I also am very thankful to have that opportunity to provide them with some material support where they can have a shower and feel clean or can manage their periods and also have a little bit of luxury they normally cannot afford in such a hard time in their lives!”
– Salvation Army

“The donations that we have received from Many Rooms make a huge difference to the men and have a substantial impact on their daily lives. We often have men drop into The Bridge Centre after being released from Ravenhall who are homeless and do not have enough money for food or hygiene supplies.  The care packs that Many Rooms have donated to us often relieve a lot of stress on the men’s day of release as it gives the men a day or two to figure out a plan for the long term. Both The Bridge Centre and the men we assist really appreciate all of the support we have received from Many Rooms and the generous donations. Thank you for being so kind!”
– The Bridge Centre

Kristy was very excited to receive her care package! She stated it was a beautiful gesture.


We are very thankful to our supporters and partners—your generosity makes a real difference in real people’s lives!

If you would like to contribute to our 2019 Care pack campaign, check out The Packing Room!

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