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Easter BBQ last for Saturday Kitchen manager

Jim DavisonAfter 8 years of service for Many Rooms, Jim Davison has decided to step down from managing The Saturday Kitchen in North Melbourne.  “I have made many good friendships through the Kitchen, both volunteers and participants. I’ll miss seeing them each week.”

“It has been a difficult decision, but having young children starting school and needing to spend time with them at weekends has been behind the move.” He will be working more hours at his other job for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.

“I’ll still be volunteering at the Kitchen, and will continue to assist in applying for new grants and renewed funding for the program this year. It is also great to know that we have a strong team emerging and exciting new opportunities opening for Many Rooms.”

Jim will step down as manager after Easter, until a replacement is found, Stuart Eban will act as manager.

A farewell for Jim will occur on Saturday 14 April 2018 at The North Melbourne Kitchen – all volunteers (past and present) and participants are welcome to join us for morning tea at 10.30am.

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