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Living Room (CVS) Story: Rebecca

Throughout the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria, our volunteers at the Living Room continued to visit their elderly friends. Volunteers made phone calls, video calls, wrote letters, and dropped off care packages—all to show their care recipients that they were loved! One of our volunteers, Rebecca, shares the difficulties of this time and the eventual joy of being able to meet in person again:

“It was hard to keep connected during lockdowns. I tried several video calls and they were pretty draining. My first in person visit was so special. My care recipient had such a big smile when she saw my 8-month-old son for the first time! Although she has never called me by name, the next time I visited (a week later) she remembered my son’s name! And the bonus has been seeing other residents so excited to have a happy baby visiting. It is truly such a joy to see their smiling faces come to life.”

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