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Who We Are

Many Rooms is a drop-in centre for homeless and disadvantaged people, located in North Melbourne and an initiative of City on a Hill since 2009. Many Rooms offers free nutritious meals, recreational activities, and a safe place to hang out on weekends when other services are closed for low income and homeless people in need. We serve over 160 participants per week, which translates to over 8,000 delicious meals a year (and even more cups of tea and coffee!).

Many Rooms fosters improved physical and mental health outcomes, a sense of belonging and connection to community, and welfare services.

Our Mission: Shining the light of love, justice and hope in our world

Many Rooms provides:

  • Practical relief in a welcoming and sustainable community structure
  • volunteer training in engaging with people facing disadvantage
  • Safe and friendly places of encounter between those in need and ordinary people who want to help.

Many Rooms is always looking for ways to expand services to the homeless and marginalised in our communities. We are aiming to create a range of services to meet the diverse needs of the community and to offer assistance to people doing it tough. Many Rooms continues to seek great opportunities to expand its services and outreach in other cities of Australia.

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