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Shine the light of love, justice and hope in our world.

Jesus calls us to welcome, love and serve the vulnerable and marginalised. Many Rooms is a charitable organisation of City on a Hill that seeks to shine the love of Jesus through practical care and benevolent relief within our cities and communities.

Many Rooms is a place where all are welcome, where lives are shared, meals are enjoyed, community is built and unconditional love freely flows. Our hope and vision is to see many rooms where people are loved and cared for and the light of love, justice and hope shines.

The Living Room


Older people are some of the most isolated in our community. The Living Room aims to help older people who are experiencing loneliness by promoting connection and friendship, through regular volunteer visits. The Living Room operates within The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme, funded by the Australian government to provide companionship to older people in aged care homes or living at home under assisted care.

Take part in The Living Room by volunteering to visit an older person in the community or referring someone to be a recipient of the program.

The Kitchen


Community Meals
The Kitchen operates a weekly dine-in service in Melbourne’s CBD for the marginalised in our community to come along and enjoy a meal with others. Community meals are hosted at the North Melbourne Community Centre on Saturdays at 12pm and takeaway meals served at Queen Victoria Market on Friday nights.

Many Rooms Van
The Kitchen also operates from a mobile van, seeking to engage with and provide a warm meal and care packs to those in the community.

Take part in The Kitchen by volunteering or donating to the work of Many Rooms.

The Pantry


The Pantry exists to be a community connection point, where people who are struggling to meet their basic day-to-day needs can come and experience the kindness of community and the love of Jesus.

We are convinced that people’s greatest need is to know Jesus. But there are many in our communities who struggle to have their basic needs met. Whether it be through the provision of food or basic toiletry items, The Pantry shines the love of Jesus through practical care, connection and community.

The Pantry operates every second Friday from 7pm or by appointment at 245 Wilsons Road, Whittington.

Please fill in your details and we’ll get in contact with you to find a suitable time for you to visit The Pantry.

Care for the disadvantaged and marginalised


If you are in need of practical support and care, we would love to serve you and welcome you.


Make a difference in the lives of others through practical care by volunteering in an area of Many Rooms.


Partner with Many Rooms to continue the vital work of shining the light of Jesus through practical care.

What it’s like to be part of Many Rooms

“I am so happy to be part of the Living Room program these past few years. I really enjoy Helen’s company, look forward to the visits and feel we have become good friends.”
“I love the Living Room program as it is something I can practically do to help our elderly community know they are valued and not forgotten.”